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The course will help cleanse the body of toxins, balance emotions, and spiritual balance, prolong youth, restore vigor, strength, tone, energy to the body and give comprehensive mental harmony

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About this course

During the course, you will study "Panchakarma" - the most famous Ayurvedic detox, which renews the body and cleanses the soul, and also rejuvenates the body with the help of massage techniques based on medicinal oils and herbs. This special treatment was prescribed in the ancient Vedic scriptures and has been practiced in Kerala for many centuries in accordance with the great writings of the Charaka Samhita. Panchakarma consists of five main body cleansing procedures that give the body intense detoxification:

  • Vamana (vomiting therapy): encourages the elimination of Kapha, which causes excess mucus, and is also the best remedy for chronic skin diseases;
  • Virechanam (purification therapy): helps the elimination of toxic substances from the intestines through a therapeutic cleansing or a therapeutic laxative and is an especially effective medicine for jaundice and hemorrhoids;
  • Vasti: the essence of the method is to introduce herbal and oil decoction into the rectum to relieve constipation, kidney stones, back pain, sciatica, and other types of joint pain;
  • Nasyam (inhalation therapy): the idea of the method is to inhale therapeutic oil through the nostrils, eliminate excess fluid accumulated in the sinuses, throat, nose, or head and is considered effective for sinusitis, migraine, chronic colds, and chest congestion;
  • Rakta-moksha (rakta-moksam): the essence of the method is bloodletting.

This course is presented by the following experts: 

  1. Shailendra Kumar Yadav, Ayurvedic doctor, doctor of medicine Ayurvedic sciences, yoga teacher (15 years of experience);
  2. Tanuja Nesari Madam, Professor, Director, AIIA (All India Institute of Ayurveda);
  3. Mangalagovri V. Rao, Doctor, Senior Lecturer, Swasthavritta Department, Ayurveda Faculty;
  4. Vaidya Shalini Rai, Senior Lecturer, Department of Horns nidan Evam Vikriti Vigyan;
  5. V. K. Srivastava, Doctor, Associate Professor, Panchakarma Department, Ayurveda Faculty;
  6. Shivani Ghildiyal, Doctor, Senior Professor, Department of Dravyaguna;
  7. R.K. Yadav, Doctor, Senior Lecturer, Department of Kayachikitsa;
  8. Kamini Dhiman, Doctor, Senior Lecturer, Department of Stri Roga Evam Prasuti Tantra;
  9. Arun Kumar, Doctor, Senior Lecturer, Department of Kaumarbhritya;
  10. Rahul Sherkhane, Doctor, Senior Lecturer, Department of Shalya;
  11. Nitin Sharma, Doctor, Head of the Department of Kayachikitsa, State Ayurvedic Hospital, and SRM College;
  12. R.R. Makhto, Doctor, Senior Lecturer, Department of Kayachikitsa;
  13. V.G. Khuddar, Doctor, Senior Lecturer, Department of Kayachikitsa;
  14. Rajendra Prasad, Professor, Department of Kayachikitsa, Ayurveda Faculty;
  15. Dmitrieva Alla Vladimirovna, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Director of the Rasayana Center for Vedic Medicine, founder of the Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda - Yoga;
  16. Nadi Guru Acharya Sanjaykumar, MD, Ayurvedic Medicine, Author, Researcher and Trainer in Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnostics.

What you'll learn

Purify your body and mind.
Complete body detox.
You will master the Panchakarma method perfectly.
You will find harmony, balance, and peace of mind.
Going through this course step by step and putting into practice the Panchakarma detoxification process, you will see for yourself the effectiveness of this healing, restorative, strengthening, and rejuvenating effects of Ayurvedic healing practice.

Who will use the course

Who is not indifferent to their health
Medical professionals
Who want to improve their qualifications
Who is interested and close to Ayurvedic medicine
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