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Hadil Krenn

Age 40
Country Austria
With a degree in technology engeneering I always an early adopter when it comes to new innovations in the technology world, specializing in FinTech

I am invested millions of euros in the development and research of various hard and software solutions. 

Fast forward to today, with the vast connections to global players in the industry I am often looked upon in helping with key problems. 

My technological background, as well as my expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency has led me to top positions when it comes to bringing and developing products into the market. 

I am the founder/founding partner and is involved in several ventures in Central Europe as well as in the Middle East. 

CTO @fincitytrx s.r.o, CTO @Fincity Ltd, Shareholder and CTO @Cbnk electronics LLC, CTO @cbnk GmbH, member of board Cbnk GmbH, fincity global, fincity Ltd and fincitytrx s.r.o 

I am also a member in different NGO’s groups and enjoy the live and art communities in my spare time. 

I also played sports growing up on a competitive level. 

After my technology degree I was also involved in Austria politics and I always looking to better our community.