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Dana Liv

Age 31
Country Portugal
Inspirational Speaker, Motivator, Author Personal Development facilitator, Leadership International Coach, Entrepreneur, International Business Developer

Lived, worked and travelled in numerous countries.

Worked in International Corporation in London.

Was Environmental Consultant for Oil & Gas industry.

Founded own Organic Eco Clothing line.

Partnered at Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

Set up business on international goods trading.

Facilitated yoga, happiness, nutrition retreats in South America, Europe, UK.

Set up and Eco-Tourism Company in Portugal.

Published articles and books in Portuguese, English and Russian languages. 

Investor. Actress. Model. Mother. 

Female Leadership. Coach Woman. Happiness Coach. 

"Every project or event of mine is to support, inspire and help people be happy and content. 

I am here to share my experience as an entrepreneur, as a mother, as a multifaceted woman creatress."