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Frank Pucelik

Age 73
Country Ukraine
Business-trainer of international renown, he is on the list of Top-100 US business-trainers (according to Organizational Development Institute of USA)
  • Each year he trains more than 2 000 middle- and top-managers of the most successful companies; business and NLP trainers in the UK, Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany, USA, Australia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Romania, Poland, etc;
  • Constant speaker of top-ranked conferences, exhibitions, forums and other educational events all over the world (​Ukraine,​UK,Holland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Germany, Australia, Kazakhstan , Russia, USA, etc.);
  • Professor of Interpersonal Relations (Postgraduate school,  University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA – 1983-1987);
  • The Author of DST (Dissociated States Therapy) model in NLP, which is a model that appeared in the simulation of 10 great therapists including - Virginia Satir, Eric Bern, Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls and more. This model incorporates the best techniques of NLP, Category Virginia Satir, working with the individual parts, in-depth study of representative pieces;
  • The President of “Meta International Inc.” - a worldwide association designed to bring together all of the NLP organizations under one strong, beneficial and highly organized structure to give the opportunity for the world to find out about the value of NLP Training and the accomplishments from specialists all over the world;
  • The author of a number of books on psychology and articles on personnel management and motivation. The bestsellers are: “Magic of NLP Demystified”, “Origins of NLP”, “Reality Wars” which are translated into Russian, “Origins of NLP” is also translated into Japanese, Russian, and Dutch languages. These books are also available in their original language which is English;
  • Worked and trained in Family Therapy with Virginia Satir. He also created combined therapy systems that include numerous systems of different psychotherapy schools.