About the project

Our vision is to create the largest trading community in the Crypto industry.

An ICO is similar to an IPO. However, an ICO is much more ingenious when it comes to marketing a good idea. Whenever a complicated thing is made very easy for the masses, then success is achieved. See Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram, Whats App, Google etc..


  1. Easy access to a complex market.
  2. Presentation of exchange assets from your portfolio.
  3. Trading on several exchanges at the same time.
  4. Private online discussions on forums.
  5. Additional functions via a publicly accessible plugin infrastructure.


  • Lower fees.
  • Privileged API´s.
  • Simpler on-boarding process.
  • Special trading algorithms.
  • Arbitrage option.
  • Access to Fiat Gateways.
  • Other benefits that a single community member could not obtain.
  • Based on the SMART TRADE COIN APPLICATION PLATFORM, the entire process of trading can be automated.
  • Each user can independently set the exchange rates that are used for further transactions.
  • The system makes it possible to operate in a way that currently only large investment funds can invest millions of dollars in the development of stock exchange software.


  • A potential customer always has a "value":
  • Mercedes 5.000 - 10.000$
  • Insurance 500 - 1.000$
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram 1 - 10$
  • A crypto trader with verified KYC, registration at 3-5 exchanges, equipped with the unique STC software has a value of several thousand $

If you knew the STC would become a Billionaire Company in the next two years, what would you do?

  • What do you think would happen to the STC coin TRADE?
  • The software can only be paid with TRADE.
  • All add-ons can only be paid with TRADE.
  • All fairies have to be paid with TRADE.
  • With 1 million customers ...

•Pledges of big exchanges are already there and in work.

"We do not just want the Crypto market, we also want the Marketplaces" Dennis Nowak 

  • There are hundreds of exchanges, of which about 20 are profitable. We look for the other pearls and make them profitable.
  • SMART TRADE SOLUTIONS comes with hundreds of thousands of traders, and is interested in strategic alliances, collaborations and acquisitions.
  • Over night, these exchanges will be worth millions.

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