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concertVR - Join the revolution and enjoy the best musicians in the world on stage with VR technology. 

About the project

This coin will change the music industry forever! "Imagine you could enjoy concerts from all over the world in real time without leaving your house!"

The statement: The audience, which participates in concerts and festivals, reaches record heights and should achieve a turnover of more than 1.1 billion USD in Germany alone in 2018.

As the venues are limited, concerts by particularly popular artists are sold out in hours, if not minutes. In addition, access to live concerts is limited by a number of other factors. Concerts are mainly performed in selected major cities and economically healthy countries, leaving fans in rural areas or unpopular countries. The music industry could generate considerable revenue if a larger audience could be reached!

What if... 

  • you could enjoy concerts all over the world and afford them without leaving home?
  • it would be possible to sell an unlimited number of tickets for a live concert?
  • you could choose your POSITION in the hall during a concert and even be ON STAGE next to your favourite artist?
  • you could call up INFORMATION about artists and songs in real time?
  • you could enjoy your live concerts ON DEMAND over and over again?
  • you could let all your friends on SOCIAL MEDIA know what concert you are watching?


Enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality - in real time or at a time of your choice

  • Once purchased, enjoy your content on any platform;
  • Your smartphone, VR glasses, browser or SmartTV;
  • Choose from different camera angles from where you want to experience the concert;
  • Browse categories and find your favorite artists and acts;
  • Buy single songs or whole concerts via In-App purchase;
  • Enter a voucher code and enjoy selected content for free;
  • Let your friends know what concert you're watching via social media;
  • Experience their reactions in real time in the app;
  • Invite friends directly during the concert and chat with them.


We create a utility token that can be used within our application to purchase content. In addition to our own token, we will also accept a large number of other crypto currencies as means of payment. We firmly believe that only an organically grown product and the largest possible community of satisfied users will ensure the value of our token. In addition, the concertVR token (ticker symbol CVT) will be admitted to trading on the token exchanges.

We create our own token CVT - concertVR Token (CVT) will run on Ethereum: 

  • We will create a total of 400,000,000,000,000 concertVR tokens (CVT) for pre-ICO and ICO contributors;
  • The fixed cost of a single token is 0.00015 ETH (during the pre-ICO and ICO campaign);
  • The preICO had a hard cap of 1'200 ETH;
  • The Main ICO will lead to a market capitalization limited to 60,000 ETHs;
  • The pre ICO sells out in less than 4 days.

From 15.10.2018 it's time - Phase 2 starts! 

A maximum of 666,000 concertVR tokens are available for purchase every day. The fixed cost of a single concertVR token is 0.00015 ETH per CVT.

The following bonus token regulation will be active from 12.00 German time on 15.10.2018.

+ 10% EXTRA-TOKEN as easybizzi member. You can only get the 10% EXTRA-TOKEN if you sign up for the whitelist via the link of easybizzi and buy the concertVR tokens. 

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