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This is the fully decentralized ecosystem with the DEEX Exchange cryptocurrency trading platform

About the project

In the modern world blockchain technologies (Blockchain, a distributed network of chain blocks) are the most reliable, open, fast and cheapest way of non-cash transfers and exchange of funds, purchase and sale of any goods. Centralized exchanges are the subject to hacker attacks which lead to loss of user’s funds. According the researches, in 2018 from centralized exchanges was stolen about $1 billion in crypto. In addition, the decentralized asset trading on centralized exchanges violates the essence of decentralization. The most advanced technological solution in the crypto world is decentralized crypto exchange. 

DEEX is a decentralized platform for the exchange/trading of digital assets with the following advantages:

  • DPoS-technology (delegated proof of participation).
  • Full decentralization.
  • A high security level for traders and their funds.
  • An ability to use two-factor (2FA) authentication.
  • High performance with the speed of 100,000 transactions per second.
  • Three-level referral program with the possibility of earning by attracting users.
  • Platform for IEO conduction.
  • Cloud nodes for passive income.
  • Decentralized transparent blockchain crypto fund.
  • A platform for smart contract organization with built-in support for recurring and subscription payments.
  • Desktop and mobile applications for convenient work with the exchange and performing trading operations.
  • Automated trading robots.
  • API mechanism for the integration of third-party applications and services.
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