You've learnt about Easybizzi and wish to become a partner
Also there is a chance to become a community partnet for those who wants to create his own team.
To do so:
  1. Search for https://easy-bizzi.com;
  2. In the upper right corner click "Register"
    • fill in your email
    • create a password
    • click "Register"
The password must contain 8 sumbols at least: latin LOWER case + latin UPPER case + digits. No additional signs or spaces.
If after the registration you got a welcome email - everything was done right!
What is a refferal link?
It's a unique personal link for every registered user. Besides the sitename there are digits or symbols that dentify you. That was made for easy determination of inviting partner.
Click "Copy ref.link" in your account and you will be able to use it to:
  1. Send it to a new partner so he can register;
  2. 2. Simplify recruitment pf new partners in social networks, messengers, forums, YouTube etc.
I'm an easybizzi partner now, ow do i start training?
Congratulations on making a incredibly right decision to go alongside our community, because easybizzi stays at a combination of the leading trends and creating the best ways for people to get a new knowledge. Now you start your training. The main goal of easybizzi is to provide high quality content about: cryptoeconomy, internet marketing, healthy living, menthal arithmetic and also professional teaching of personal performance, phenomenal memory and financial literacy. The choise is yours!
Following that link will lead you to videos of all our courses, you'll be able to see webinars schedule and be first to get the newest information.
Used wrong email during the registration
Unfortunatelly, there are situations when a new partner mistakens his enail address. It's not a reason to feel upset or worry
Try doing this:
  1. Go to your account using wrong email address
  2. Open "Profile" and choose "Edit"
  3. Change email address to the correct one and press "Change" at the screen bottom;
  4. Check everything's alright and log in using correct email
If those actions were unsuccessfull, please contact technical support (choose "leave an inquiry") and we will manage that with developers
Forgot password. What do i do?
if you forgot your password or type incorrect one, you need to replace it
  1. Go to log in page and click "Forgot password" next to "Restore";
  2. Type your email address, we will send a link to reset password;
  3. Open your email inbox, follow the link from the EazeBizzi email and set a new password in a opened window;
  4. Log in to EazyBizzi website using new password, that you can save there without tying it every time you log in.
What is a 2 Factor Authentication?
2 Factor Authentication, or 2FA, it's a secure log in with SMS confirmation. It's an additional security measure to protect your account. If you enable 2FA, after login and password you will have to enter one-time code (OTP code) every time you login, the code will be sent via SMS to a confirmed phone number
Enabling 2FA:
  1. Install Google Authenticator app to your smartphone and open Installation instructions insode of it;
  2. Scan QR-code with Google Authenticator app or add the encrypted text into a validator (input validation window) manually
  3. Enter the password you see on your smartphone to activate or deactivate 2FA
  4. Press "Enable" button
What is a one-time OTP password?
One-time password (OTP) - it's a code word, valid for 1 session of authentication. Validity of one-time password can be limited by a specific time frame. Benefit of using OTP versus static pass is the this password cannot be used twice. That means if the hacker gets data from sucessful authentication session he still cannot copied password to get an access to the system.
What is a one-time OTP password?
If 2FA system indicates "wrong password" then maybe Google Authenticator app hasn't synchronised time.
To solve this problem do following:
  1. Open main menu of google Authenticator app;
  2. You will receive a confirmation of time synchronisation. Now you can use codes to access account. Synchronisation affects inner app time only and does not reflects at data and time of the device.
I've lost my phone. How can i disable 2 Factor Authentication?
If for any reason you've lost access to your phone or Google Authenticator app nad cannot disable it by yourself - contact us at https://support.easy-bizzi.com/l_rus. . Our support service will help you.
I'm not receiving emails from technical support
If you wrote a message to our tech support, but you not receive emails from them, do following:
  1. Check SPAM folder;
  2. Add address [email protected] to your contacts list
How to watch live webinars?
Schedule of all live streams of the week can be found at our main page: https://easy-bizzi.com or you can subscribe to our newsletter or a Telegram channel to be first to laern about upcoming webinars.
To be first to receive news you'll need:
  1. Choose desired webinar at a predefined time
  2. Click a videoplayer button
How can i learn about new webinars?
You can check a schedule of webinars on a main page or sign up for our newsletter to be first to learn about new webinars. Besides you can subscribe to our official Telegram channel: https://tlinks.run/easybizzi
All courses are in Russian only?
No, as we are a international community, there are courses not only with Russian speakers, but with hosts from England, Germany, Spain, Azerbajian and Litva.
All i need to see the courses is a laptop?
Not limited to, you can use your tablet, smartphone or desctop to watch our webinars any place any time.
How long is one webinar?
It depends on a course topic and information volume. For example, one lesson at the Newing international language course lasts about 40 minutes while webinar on a Phenomenal memory course lasts about 2 hours.
If i didn't finish watching, will player remember the exit time?
It's best of you find your time to watch full webinar, because the effectivenes of incoming knowledge decreases, if you watch it by parts. Unfortunately, videoplayer cannot memorize timecode of pause.
How profound are the speakers at their topics?
All speakers of our community are top-ranked experts in their respective fields and the konwlege they share with you has proven it's effectiveness many times. Besides many of these people often show up on TV and are well known across the internet.
Can i get additional info besides what's on the website?
Of course! We have a VK page https://vk.com/easybizzi where the most actual information is published about new courses, speakers and community itself.
If being a partner i'm not visiting my accounts for several months - will i get blocked?
No. Becoming a member of our community you get a lifetime membership. You will never be blocked or limited.